Welcome to the Year 5 and 6 class page! Croeso!

In Year 5 and 6 this year we are studying the following Cornerstones themes. We hope you enjoy looking at our work!

Spring Term 2015

Potions - In this project we had a science focus and children learnt about the changing state of materials including solids, liquids and gases. We studied chemical changes and created our own potions. We made bath bombs, popcorn and chocolate lollipops to sell in our pop up shop. Children wrote biographies of famous scientists and developed additional skills in recording investigations and fair tests using scientific formats and vocabulary.

Gallery - This project has an art focus and explores the artwork of a variety of artists from different periods of history and develops children’s painting skills using a range of materials. At the heart of this project children learn how to write classically structured poetry and develop additional skills in the use of figurative language and descriptive vocabulary.

Summer Term 2015

Skin Deep - This project has a science focus and teaches children about microorganism, focussing on bacteria and the impact these can have on the human body. Children also learn about the effects of puberty on their own bodies. At the heart of this project children write scientific accounts and develop additional skills in writing and planning a sequenced script for an information animation.

Heroes & Villains - This project has a history focus and teaches children about heroes and villains from different periods of history, their motives, their beliefs and the ways in which they changed the world. At the heart of this project children write persuasively in the form of reports and letters, and additional skills in writing biographies and speeches.