Derbyn 1 a 2 / Reception 1 and 2

Reception 1 - Derbyn 1

In Reception 1 we are happy, independent learners and enjoy finding out new things everyday!

Mrs Davies is our class teacher and Miss Thomas is our class helper.

Our P.E sessions are held every Friday and we love gymnastics! Wednesday is our library session where we are allowed to take a book home and Thursday is our garden session.

Reception 2 – Derbyn 2

In Reception 2 Mrs Williams is our class teacher. Mrs White is our class helper.

We spend time outside most days completing group learning activities. On Thursday afternoons we visit the school library to browse the books and choose one to take home for the week. On Tuesday afternoon we have our garden session where we have outdoor learning as a class. We do P.E. on a Monday afternoon – we all look forward to this session!

Autumn Term

What happens When I Fall Asleep?

In this topic children are exploring questions about night time.

We will find out about:

  • bedtime routines
  • the Moon and the stars
  • nocturnal animals
  • people who work at night
  • the importance of sleep and night time