School Council


School Council

In the School Council we work for the food bank and try to improve the school by saving money for sports equipment and to improve playtimes. We also have suggestion tubes where children write down any suggestions for the school.

Our School Council is very important as it is our responsibility to listen to the ideas of our classmates and then bring them to our regular meetings. It is also our responsibility to tell our classmates about the things we have discussed and decisions that have been made. Our council is made up of children from Year 1 to Year. As a council we selected what we thought the other pupils would enjoy and kept our choices within the budget. 


Suggestion Boxes

Each of our council members were provided with a suggestion tube to be placed in their class. They each explained to their own classes that we wanted suggestions about how to improve our school. Pupils had the tubes for a few weeks for them to insert their suggestions. The council members then brought them back to our meetings and we spent time going through them. It was important that we read all of the suggestions but then made decisions about which ones were the best. We then reduced the list down to four which we then took to show Mr Morris.

visiting the on wensday  we want to inprove stuff   money for spots stuff  to get more stuff for play time 

the children in school council are

BL 1 Rachel 

BL 1 Daniel 

BL 2 Theo 

BL 2 Amy 

BL 3 Mia

BL 3  Deklan 

BL 4 Ethan 

BL 4 Daisy w 

BL 5 Ryan  

BL 5 Emily w

BL 6 catrin 

BL 6 Harry